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The Complete Church Diagnostic & Customize Strategic Action Plan gives you a current snapshot of your church's health and offers strategic solutions to help your church to fulfill its vision, goals, and objectives.

PRELIMINARY STEP: Complete Your Initial Church Needs Assessment. Click below to get started


(45-60 Minutes)

  • Schedule a phone or office  interview and completing your initial church assessment.

  • The initial interview allows us to discuss the needs of your church. Your leadership team is encouraged to attend so they can “Fire Away” with their questions and genuine concerns.

  • You will provide requested documents; such as bulletins, flyers, etc.



  • Our on-site diagnostic begins by sending three (3) “secret shoppers” to your church to experience your services. This helps us to offer you some insights into how a first-time-attendee experiences your services.

  • We travel to your church for an on-site visit to focus on having conversations with the senior pastor, group sessions with your paid staff and your lay leadership team. This open discussion helps us to (1) obtain a clear understanding of your vision, and (2) clarify all your critical ministry challenges.

  • We facilitate group conversations with your leadership to talk through what’s working and what needs to be tweaked to fulfill the church’s vision.

  • We sit in on a senior leadership team meeting to allow us to watch the leaders interact with each other and get a sense of the health of the team.

  • We conduct a complete organizational and ministerial diagnostic to help us check the all your critical vital signs of your church administration with quantitative and qualitative data.

  • We deliver a diagnostic report on your church health the last day of our on-site diagnostic.



  • We work with your church to develop a customized 2-5-year Strategic Action Plan with a systematic timeline outlining specific tasks needing to be completed each month.

  • Our strategic action plans are customized for your church and will NEVER oppose any core beliefs within your denomination. Our recommendations are neutral no matter what your worship or ministry style.

  • We make recommendations to our board of directors and corporate sponsors whether to accept your church as a client based on our ability to achieve or exceed your expectations and your church’s commitment level to implement the strategic action plan.

  • If we agree to accept your church as a client, then our work begin after a service agreement is executed and completely processed, which typically takes 2-4 weeks.

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