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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cost 

Engaging Anthony Fant allows you to have an experienced Church Administrator along with a support staff dedicated to excellence in providing you with real church help. All of his work and services come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantees.

He will not charge any fees for the complete church diagnostic and customize strategic action plan because this gives you an opportunity to decide whether your church is a good fit.  Anthony pays three (3) “secret shoppers” with a $50 gift card, which is billed to your church. Finally, travel costs to conduct your onsite 2-Day In-Depth Church Diagnostic is billed to the church.

The Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Model offers financial rewards to Antony Fant and his administrative support staff who achieve or exceed your specific expectations and measurable outcomes each month. Your church does not have to pay any upfront fees for our long-term services. If he does not achieve or exceed your expectations and measurable outcomes each month, then you do not pay anything. Otherwise, he asks for a love gift of 5% or more of your church’s tithes & offerings.

Is there an option to make a flat-fee donation, instead of a percentage for long-term services?

Yes. Some churches may find this option more suitable for budgeting purposes.  A flat-fee option is a wonderful way to measure whether you’ll have the support of those with the greatest influence in your church; especially if you elect to ask members to make reoccurring contributions to support missionaries coming to serve their own church. Our Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Model is still applicable in this instance. 


How do you handle travel expenses?

Travel costs for Anthony Fant to conduct your onsite 2-Day in-depth church diagnostic is billed to your church. However, if your church prefers to book travel accommodations in lieu of us billing you, then all travel accommodation expenses must be paid in full and confirmed via email with our staff at least 2 weeks in advance.


A standard 2-day visit involving air travel, car rental, lodging, and meals usually falls between $450-$850. We fly coach class and stay in at least a 2.5-star hotel. To maintain the highest code of ethics, we do not stay in any of your church member’s house. Your church is never billed travel expenses for onsite visits when we are performing long-term services.


What’s unique about Anthony Fant?

  • The Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Model

Your church does not pay any upfront fees for our long-term services. The Pay-For-Performance (PFP) Model offers your church specific guarantees and a peace of mind in knowing that if Antony Fant does not achieve or exceed your expectations and measurable outcomes each month, then you do not pay anything.

  • The Expertise and Code of Ethics

Anthony Fant oversees a team of a Certified Church Administrators and support staff with massive ministry experience while exemplifying the highest level of integrity and code of ethics.


  • The In-Depth Church Diagnostic Covers All 42 Church Vital Signs

There are no other organization that offers churches a complete and thorough health assessment without charging up-front fees ranging between $5,500 to $9,500 plus travel expenses.


  • The Customized Action Plans are “Denomination Neutral” 

The strategic action plans are customized for your church and will NEVER oppose any of your church’s core beliefs within your denomination. Our recommendations are neutral no matter what your worship or ministry style.


  • The 100% Satisfaction Guarantees

With his unique approach, Anthony Fant offers excellent service with an 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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