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Putting Prayer in Action

As a Certified Church Administrator and the founder of Real Church Help, Inc., Anthony Fant can provide the resources needed to accomplish the vision of your church. He is recognized as a leading expert in church revitalization and is one of the world's leader in providing the best church systems and solutions with written 100% Satisfaction Guarantees. Moreover, Anthony Fant exemplifies the highest level of integrity and vows to maintain the following code of ethics:

  • Live a life committed to personal holiness and to fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

  • Intentionally avoid time alone with a member of the opposite sex other than a spouse or relative.

  • Not to divulge any confidential information without the consent of the church / client.

  • Only accept projects which can be completed in a professional and timely manner.

  • Work under the lordship of Jesus Christ and hold to the authority of the Bible.

  • Divulge any potential conflicts of interest as soon as they are recognized.

  • Report all time worked and expenses incurred accurately and honestly.

  • Place family 1st place in priority above any church assignment.

  • Safeguard any confidential information or documents.

  • Abide by all applicable local, state and federal laws.

  • Be honest and not knowingly misrepresent facts.

Anthony Fant
Christian, Single Dad, Entrepreneur, 
Minister, Philanthropist, Mentor, 
Loving, Honorable, Respectful, 
Certified Church Administrator

Anthony Fant is proficient in Nonprofit Law and Church Accounting. He has a spiritual gift of administration and ​has 20+ years mentoring churches and pastors in turning dead and dying churches into life-giving, growing churches; as well as serving Bishop T.D. Jakes as an active member of Potter’s House Church in Dallas, Texas. He is a published author and have a powerful teaching ministry that has lead over 7,000 to Christ throughout the United States & Australia. After 2 decades of experience, he has proven that every church can double in 24 months.

Anthony Fant lives a debt free lifestyle and operate with highest level of financial and biblical integrity as he serves in full time ministry developing and implementing growth strategies for schools, churches and small businesses.  He is the founder and president of Helping Dads, Inc, which is a 501(c)3 ministry helping dads overcome the struggles of being alienated from their children. His ministry experience includes developing affordable housing, small businesses, schools, credit unions, and specialized hospitals generating over $200 million for community outreach programs through grants, corporate sponsorship, collaborations, capital campaigns, fundraising, planned estate giving and implementing biblical kingdom principles.  

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